Benefits for Students

MyMozaic gives you the upper hand in dominating your post-graduate years. Getting into your favorite school or career is a more competitive process than ever, which means you need to aggressively attract the attention of recruiters to gain a competitive edge. Our platform ensures that you grab the attention of recruiters from your favorite school or preferred industry.

MyMozaic allows students to...

  • GRAB ATTENTION Move beyond test scores to give recruiters a comprehensive picture of who you and what you can offer by showing off your greatest accomplishments
  • SHOW PROGRESS Impress coaches and recruiters by showing the progression of your talents and skills
  • FOLLOW UP Following your favorite schools and recruiters gives you an opportunity to ask questions that will help you become a stronger candidate
  • STAY IN THE LOOP Keep track of recruiters from your favorite schools, and discover information about camps and activities in which you may be interested

Students, it’s time to show recruiters what you offer by bringing together all your greatest moments. Set up your profile today!

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