Get $25 in Free Leads!

With MyMozaic’s Recruit Connect recruiters can:

  • CONNECT ON SIGNUP Form a relationship with a recruit when he or she signs up. This is when a recruit is most motivated to start networking with you.
  • EMAIL DIRECTLY Recruiters can send private messages to any students they connect with on Recruit Connect.
  • INTERACT IN REAL-TIME Recruiters can use our instant messenger feature to interact with the students they meet through Recruit Connect in real-time.
  • TRACK PROGRESS Follow students’ profiles to monitor their progress and uncover trends in performances that may sway your decision.
  • POST INFO Post information and invite these recruits to upcoming camps, seminars, and events sponsored by your institution.
  • SHARE CONTENT Recruiters can share documents, photos and videos promoting their organization to these students.
  • SAVE MyMozaic's Recruit Connect saves recruiters both time and money as they are able to connect and network with students remotely.
  • CHOOSE Recruiters decide the criteria of the students they are looking for. Criteria include GPA, interests, location and test scores.
  • MINIMIZE RISK Rather than dealing with risky Pay-Per-Click advertising, a recruiter only pays when a student has certain desired demographic criteria.

Please watch the following video to learn how MyMozaic benefits recruiters: